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Plant Room Layout

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Plant Room Layout

Plantrooms can contain a multitude of complex equipment, each requiring their own unique vent, flue, duct and piping requirements along with access and servicing needs.

Drawing on years of experience, the design team at AstraMEP Corporation can work with you to provide optimum equipment placement, avoiding clashing ductwork and pipework, and ensuring that all important access requirements is maintained.

In our designs, we can provide for;
  • Gas piping – sizing and positioning
  • Flues – sizing and positioning of both exhaust flues and fresh air intakes for furnaces, boilers and water heaters
  • Primary equipment – including sizing, positioning, and access requirements
  • Secondary equipment – including the sizing of expansion vessels, cylinder and buffer vessel sizing, heat exchanger positioning and valve sizing and positioning
  • Water distribution piping – for heating and hot & cold-water plumbing networks, in a variety of materials
  • Ductwork – using rectangular, round or oval duct, we can also include for any fixtures or fittings
  • Additionally, we can also provide hanger sizing, spacing and quantities required to complete your project.

We can provide an accurate, detailed and reliable list of materials so that you know exactly the products you require to complete your project.

Based on the information supplied, each completed design comes with a detailed bill of materials in along with supporting drawings (2-D or 3-D as required). The completed files can be provided in a variety of formats, from pdf, dwg to excel.


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